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Take your gaming experiences on a reliable & best-in-class cloud.

Microsoft cloud provides global & secure platform for gaming. Staying ahead in the gaming industry requires constant innovation and nothing less than world-class performance.

Extraordinary Game Experiences

Microsoft Cloud has more global regions than any other Cloud provider. This scale brings your games closer to your players and reduces latency for fast and responsive gaming.

Unbeatable Flexibility and Choice

Microsoft is committed to open source and supporting all languages and frameworks, you can build and deploy your game on any platform or device. Built-in auto scale features of compute resources help your game perform its best when player demand changes.

Simplified Process

Microsoft cloud allows you to create games faster, without compromising performance or increasing complexity.

Secured Cloud

Gets security from the ground up with cyber security experts actively monitoring to protect your player and game data. Take advantage of disaster recovery and backup on the cloud’s global network without having to worry about infrastructure.

Gaming Tools

Azure PlayFab

Build and operate live games with game services, data analytics, and LiveOps – all in a single platform.

Azure DevOps

Improve the way you plan, collaborate, automate and ship with an end-to-end set of modern DevOps services.

Azure Cognitive Services

Bring your game to life, make it more accessible and connect your players in their own languages with services such as text-to-speech with lifelike voices and real-time language translation.

Azure Spatial Anchors

Build cross-platform, multi-player augmented reality apps with persistent 3D content projected in physical space.

Visual Studio

Build high-performance 2D and 3D games in DirectX, Unity and Cocos that can then be published to 21 platforms, including mobile, WebGL, Mac, PC and Linux desktop, web and consoles.

Visual Studio App Centre

Test and run your game on thousands of real Android and iOS devices, diagnose errors with ease and confidently release to app stores.

Microsoft Services

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