Cloud Migration Service

Accelerate your move to the cloud with expert guidance for migrating to Azure.

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Our Cloud Architects will analyze your current architecture, understand your current business needs, then on that basis they will designate applications for migration.

Understand your goals and limitations

Select exact Cloud platform

Elaborate a Cloud migration strategy

Identify pilot applications for POCs

Prioritize applications, dependencies, and risks

Align stakeholders on roadmap and resources required

Prioritize applications, dependencies, and risks

Evaluate with SA Technologies Inc

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Design & Build

As per your security, compliance, agility, and cost-efficiency requirements we are going to design and build a custom Azure environment.

Design secure & compliant Azure reference architecture

Build a less feasible Cloud

Apply security and compliance controls

Combine CI/CD pipeline with our infrastructure automation.

Activate 3rd party tools

Writing templates for Cloud to scaling

Design & Build with SA Technologies Inc

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Finally, get the keys to a production-ready Cloud environment and go live on Azure.

Test and make your application more better on Azure

Transfer knowledge and training

Migrating data with appropriate Azure-native or 3rd party tool

Build Migration Factory for large migration projects to migrate applications to Azure in waves

Supervise presentation and hand-off


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Why choose SA Technologies as your Azure migration partner?

Migrate with guidance

Cost-effective Solutions

Maximize your returns on investment (ROI)

Global Presence

Migrate in multi-tier applications that are built in multiple languages like PHP, Java, Python, Node.js, etc. to Azure Cloud seamlessly

Boost your efficiency & quickly respond to the market needs

Experienced Certified Professionals

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