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Upgrade/Migrate to Dynamics 365 with MS Experts

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Escalate your business growth with hassle-free Dynamics 365 Upgrade and Migration

Digitalizing a business process is extremely important in order to stay ahead of your competitors. The ever-evolving business world invent trends that demand constant upgrading of services. Besides it is crucial to eliminate the risks that are intrinsic when working with outdated versions. Although, tackling this has been easy since the establishment of Dynamics 365 in the market.

Being a next-generation suite of intelligence business application, Microsoft Dynamics 365 streamlines your critical business processes. SA Technologies with these MS Upgrade and Migration services enables you to upgrade efficiently from the current CRM implementation to latest versions. Our experience comes from the team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants who have successfully helped our clients to migrate from traditional systems to the latest trends.

Best practices expertise in talent search

Minimum IT Maintenance

Advanced data mining capabilities

Supports UI of cross platform

Advanced data mining capabilities

Enhanced Accessibility

Advanced data mining capabilities

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Why Choose MS Upgrade and Migration Services?

Upgrading and Migration to Dynamics 365 can prove to be an elite decision for your business. So here we are presenting some reasons that prove why migrating to MS Dynamics 365 is worthwhile.

  • Minimizes maintenance cost of hardware
  • Magnitude of existing alterations minimizes; the standard product identifies critical business needs
  • Microsoft ensures successful and cost-effective upgrades in future with its impactive control on cloud managed solutions
  • It has an inbuilt data analytics provider offering valuable insights for better decision making
  • Various licensing models allow you to pay for your needs only
  • Full of the latest technologies
  • Focusing on Dynamics 365 Microsoft has a favorable roadmap supporting multiple ERP products
Why rely on SAT’s Project RPO Services?

Our approach for Dynamics 365 Migration and Upgrade

SA Technologies with its expertise and umpteen knowledge ensures a best in class solution that takes your business to the summit. Our team of MS consultants will help you opt for the right Dynamics license that suits best to your business model and requirements.

Upgrade to Dynamics 365 for finance and operations

  • Get the unified capabilities of Dynamics CRM powered by both cloud and on-premises option
Enhancements & Developments

Migrate from Dynamics CRM on-premise to Dynamics 365

  • Manage your business efficiently by upgrading to Dynamics cloud from Dynamics on-premises
Support & Maintenance

Migrate from Dynamics NAV to 365

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365, Business Central, comes with NAV capabilities and power of Cloud

Upgrade from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365

  • Smoothly migrate all your documented details from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365

Our MS Dynamics Experts are ready to resolve your Upgrade and Migration challenges


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